Other Side Projects 

While graphic design and art direction are my main squeezes, I dabble in a number of other side projects. Some are tangible handmade crafts and some branching into other creative avenues like writing. This page serves as a hub to consolodate all the various places you might find me on the internet!



For 2017, my wife and I decided to build an email list to which we would send three, 100 word emails each week. The topics covered are broad but generally cover musings on life, culture, and faith by two parents trying to figure it all out.



This site is dedicated to being a dad & a designer, thus the name Dadsigner. It is predominately a blog dedicated to highlighting quality, well-designed products and experiences for parents who care about that stuff. It is now in it's third year of existance, still trying to hold on and be consistent.



Creating with computers and pixels is what I spend most of my time doing, so when I get to pull away from the screen and make something tangible with my hands I find great joy. Hand carving wooden spoons has become that escape for me. I've now carved and sold a bunch of spoons, but the real delight came in teaching a workshop to others. Passing along the pleasure of creation to other individuals.


Creative Market

Sometimes I'll get a creative spark to make some design resources that aren't for a client. In those cases, I like to list the goods for sale so others can benefit from them. Creative market is a wonderful marketplace that values designers and compensates them well. Maybe I've listed something that you ay find useful?