Selling Online With Storenvy

 First product I listed

First product I listed

My journey with Storenvy started a few years ago while looking for a place to sell landscape photographs from my travels. Since this was a hobby, I wanted a simple and inexpensive solution where I didn't have to dedicate copious amounts of time to get started. After following a link rabbit trail I finally landed on  - where I decided to open a store - and haven't looked back since. 

Over the past few years my store has taken a few turns and is now the home for my hand carved wood spoons. There are only 2 products remaining in my store from my original landscape photography endeavor but along the way I have fallen more and more in love with Storenvy.

Every day I visit the site to explore what others are selling and to be inspired by the collections that are featured. There is no lack of amazing products that are being made around the world and being sold on on Storenvy. 

So Why Am I Such A Fanboy?


Like I mentioned before minimal investment was a deciding factor when choosing an online selling platform. With Storenvy there are no product listing fees and currently they don't take a percentage of sales (although PayPal still gets their cut). **   

Custom Storefront

Every store comes with a free customizable storefront that you can match to your website or brand. This isn't an add-on this is included with every store! That was a huge deal to me because I didn't have to link visitors to a different storefront with a totally different UI. The Workshop by M.E. Smith could match my portfolio site and make the experience near seamless. 

Social Marketplace Community

Another selling feature for me was the social aspect of the marketplace. Discovering new products is fun & easy. Just "watch" people who "envy" cool stuff from other merchants on the site. Oh, and this also helps more customers see my products too.

Small but Powerful Team

The team behind Storenvy is the biggest reason that their site is awesome. I have had many interactions with a variety of team members and all of them have been amazing! They do a great job of keeping up and asking questions of their customers. 

Open Your Own Store Today

Yes, all of the above is true

Yes, you should open a store

Yes, you should watch and envy my stuff (shameless plug)

No, I was not paid to write this post

So what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about opening a store, and if you have any questions comment below and I'd be happy to answer them.


** Edit (11/19/2014) - Storenvy is no longer completely free. There is now a 10% fee for purchases made through the marketplace. However, your custom store sales remain free. Click here to read all the details about this change