I'm always the first one on the dance floor. That may seem like an unimportant detail, but that bold energy drives everything I do.

Photo Credit:  Paul Jun

Photo Credit: Paul Jun


When I was in high school, I never realized that I could make a living off of my hobbies. Entering college as a graphic design major I began to understand the broad possibilities of what my future could be. Here I am – many years older – still amazed by this concept that design is a profession.

My formal school days have concluded but I continue to learn and master the skills that were initiated in my youth. I've now made a slew of logos, designed graphics for huge trade show booths and stages, whipped up more display and social ads than I can count, and created web and app experiences that have raving fans. 

I live by the mantra that every experience in life can be improved through good design. It's my goal to aide in making as many of those experiences remarkable as possible.

Every experience in life can be improved through good design.

I am a dad to 2 girls and a husband to 1 wife. I daydream a lot, carve wooden spoons, blog about dad things, read books from all genres, ride a bike (sometimes with no hands), and play a mean game of ping pong.

Alumni of & Coach for Seth Godin's altMBA

Featured on AIGA's Happy Hour & The Dieline blog

Spoke at Social Brand Forum & Digital Summit Philadelphia

Approved artist for Blue Label Digital